I'm the Alex of Alexandra paige.

The short of it:

I am a lover of photography -duh-, Mexican food, thrift store shopping, candles, my husband Joey, pretty much all animals, and Bob's Burgers (just to name one show).

The long of it:

I've always been drawn to the arts. When I was in college, I switched my major to "Art" for one semester because I was desperate to pursue some sort of career that allowed me to use my creative heart. However, during that semester, I couldn't help but feel like I was wasting time and money getting a degree in something that a lot of times, you don't need a degree for. So I switched my major to "Communication". You know, one of those degrees with a clear cut path to follow after graduation *insert sarcasm*.

Fast forward a couple years, and there I was, at the age of 20, graduated with my Bachelor's. I got accepted into a Master's program but deferred and eventually started a job as an "Internet Marketing Specialist".

I should interject and mention that during my time in college and at my job, I had fallen in love with photography. At the end of 2013, Joey- my then boyfriend now husband- bought me my first DSLR camera. From the moment my hands touched that NikonD3200, I was hooked. Okay, let's resume!

Working as an "Internet Marketing Specialist" for a start up company was a great learning experience. My duties included being a copy writer, social media strategist, website developer, graphic designer, and even sometimes a brand photographer. But I was unhappy.

So in 2016, I officially started my business, Alexandra Paige Photography LLC. Since then there's been a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows, successes and failures. But one thing's for sure. There is nothing more rewarding to me than photography.

Being trusted to photograph life's most precious moments touches my very soul. Every time I press the shutter, forever freezing a moment, my heart beats with passion. Scrolling through delicately captured laughs and tears, fills my lungs with air. Okay, so that last one might be a little dramatic but in all seriousness, seeing and showing people as who they are, real and raw, perfectly imperfect, will never get old to me.